About Us

ASELKON Hydraulic Metal Iron and Steel Engineering Machinery Industry and Trade Co. Inc., which is one of the leading crane manufacturers in the machinery manufacturers sector, has been serving in the crane sector since 2006. Our company, which operates on 40000 m2 open and 20000 m2 closed area in Konya, has put its signature under many successful products with its highly experienced and technically trained personnel.

By providing innovations to our sector with each passing day, we provide complete solutions by improving product and service quality together with high automation and flexibility concepts in order to provide better quality products and more comprehensive support. Our company, which has been exporting since 2006, exports 55% of its production directly and exports it to various countries of the world, especially to European countries. The remaining 45% is given to customers in the domestic market. Aselkon started production of Semi-Automatic Shotgun Shotguns and related parts within the scope of Law No. 2521 as of 2019. Our company has a wide range of activities in this context;

  • Truck Mounted Crane,
  • Shotgun
  • Shotgun Shotgun with Pump, Semi Automatic Shotgun Shotgun, Point and Gas Cartridge Shotgun, Sports Shotgun, Horizontal Barrel Shotgun Shotgun, Top Vertical Barrel Shotgun Shotgun, Single Barrel Shotgun Shotgun, PCP Air Rifle, Dry Tight Gun. Within the scope of procurement of warfare equipment, weapons, ammunition and spare parts related to them, and weapons, equipment, materials and all kinds of logistic necessities related to defense industry to Turkish Armed Forces;
  • Central tire inflation system,
  • Guns of all diameters and models with firing grooves, machine guns and all main and spare parts of these guns and parts of ballistic importance (body / frame, bolt / cover set / upper body, barrel, ball / hopper / cylinder for guns), mechanism assembly and trigger assembly) (firing pin, mechanism bottom table, nail, remover, barrel)
  • Rifles with single or automatic firing rifles of each diameter and model, sniper rifles, shotguns with rifles and all the main and spare parts of these rifles and parts of ballistic importance (body / frame, bolt / cover set / upper body, barrel, mechanism assembly, magazine assembly and trigger assembly) (firing pin, mechanism bottom plate, nail, remover, barrel).
  • Bomb launchers (Rocket Launchers, Flame Shooters, Grenade Shooters, Torpedo Tubes Gas, Smoke, Fog, Sound and Light Cartridge Shooters) and all the main and spare parts of them (Barrel, trigger assembly, body, sight / optical sight).
  • All types of Weapons attached to Tactical Vehicles, Wedge consoles, Armor, Automatic / semi-automatic Filler, Tower, Barrel and fire control systems of these weapon systems.
  • Vehicles for mine clearing and spreading systems, Gate opening systems in minefields
  • Unmanned land vehicles for military purposes.
  • Metallic or non-metallic structures specially designed to provide ballistic protection for military systems and personnel. (Structures providing ballistic protection of level III and above under NIJ or similar national standards.). Among our activities.

The Ministry of Industry and Technology has all the relevant permits for these areas of activity. Our company, which adopts customer satisfaction and sustainable quality at every stage as a principle, has established its own Test, Software and R & D Laboratory in 2008 in order to guarantee Sample Quality without compromising quality in all stages of production and to provide products to its customers at international standards. Our R & D products are; designed by our engineers, technical staff and designers. Designed products; All production procedures are manufactured using state-of-the-art machinery and modern techniques at internationally accepted standards. Within the scope of project management, computer-aided design, simulation and design verification studies and prototype manufacturing are performed according to these results and the final product is decided.


War Vehicles and Equipment, Weapons Ammunition and their spare parts and the Turkish Armed Forces defense industry related arms, tools, equipment, all kinds of logistics need materials and parts that require precision manufacturing to produce quality assurance, critical subsystem, raw materials and materials domestically by minimizing the security risk in external dependence; aims to produce unique products at the subsystem level. In line with these objectives;

• Design and manufacture of mechanical parts that require precision manufacturing
• To make mechanical manufacturing of land vehicles projects,
• The magnitude of the threats our country is exposed to due to its geopolitical structure is much higher than other countries. It is inevitable to have a strong army that will deter any threat. Modern weapons and equipment are important for a strong army. Modern weapons and equipment require a strong defense and aerospace industry.

To take part as a supplier in all kinds of projects related to defense industry carried out by our state