100% Vertically Integrated

ASELKON AŞ. Thanks to its integrated production facility, it works diligently to bring the expected quality for its users. ASELKON AŞ. It is one of the rare factories in the world firearm and air rifle industry that manufactures all parts of rifles from A to Z in factory. In this way, all parts are under control within the factory and quality assurance is provided at the highest level. In our company, wood processing, metal processing, honing, plastic injection, molding manufacturing, welding, engraving processing, barrel (barrel) drilling and barrel (barrel) production Many production phases such as laser marking, mounting, quality assurance tests and rifle shooting tests on both metal and wood are carried out under the same roof. In short, only raw material enters to our company and final finished high quality product turn into perfect durable PCP Air Rifles and semi-auto smoothbore shotguns. All raw materials used in our company are selected in the best and appropriate quality and are put into production after a strict entrance quality control tests.

Customized Design

All ASELKON AŞ. products designed by engineers. Our R&D products are; It is designed by our engineers, technical staff and designers who are constantly improving themselves. Products designed; All production procedures and processes are produced by applying state-of-the-art machinery and modern techniques in internationally accepted standards. Within the scope of project management, computer-aided design, simulation and design verification studies and prototype production are made according to these results and the final product is decided.