ASK S4 Technology


Aselkon owned Hybrid-Operated Auto-Regulated (H.O.A.R.) system is a easy, self-cleaning, piston-driven action.


H.O.A.R sistemi eşsiz, çift pistonlu bir tasarımdır.

  • • The gases are warmer and cleaner where the chamber is located, as a result, the cycling is more reliable and less fouling.
  • • The push in the pistons directly against the bolt provides the fastest operation with minimum vibration.
  • • Light forend actions and flawless connections enable you to experience the lighter Shotgun.
  • • Hybrid Operated(H. O.): This System enables flawless shooting in any atmosphere and condition due to its dual-piston system, allowing the system to work with a good balance.
  • • Oto-Regulator(A. R.): Due to its self-cleaning and self-regulating feature, you can shoot upto 10.000 shots without any jam.
  • Experience the complete accuracy in every shot with the perfect barrel tension.