Inter Silver Light

Inter Silver Light Inter Silver Light

Genel Özellikler

Kalibre 12 - 3 inç
Fişek Yatağı 76 mm
Mekanizma Kinetik Enerjili, döner başlı inertia sistem
Namlu Uzunluğu 66-76-1-76cm
Şok 5 InterPro C-IC-M-IM-F
Şerit Genişliği 8mm
Dipçik Uzunluğu 340 mm
D-H 55±1 mm, 45-50-60 mm ayarlanabilir
D-C 37±1 mm
Ağırlık 2.85± kg
El Kundağı  Lüks Türk Ceviz
Gövde Aluminyum eloksal/Nikel kaplama
Dipçik Sentetik
Şarjör Kapasitesi 4+1x12/76
Emniyet Tetik emniyeti
Tetik Korkuluğu Özel poliüretan microcell malzeme
Tetik Tetik emniyeti, Otomatik kilitleme sistemi, Anti tekrar önleyici sistem
Gez Fiber optik gez
Omuzluk Özel poliüretan microcell
Inter Silver Light ana
Inter Arms design is following the modern line of nature, manufacturing with high tech machines and last technology to serve the bests. Inter Arms is a result of combining the experience of handworking and know-how of today with art. Follow the footsteps of Inter Arms then you’ll find the perfection.

The receiver is fitted with a generously sized charging handle and bolt release as well as a beveled loading port with an outward angled cartridge drop lever insuring the Inter is easy to operate even with gloved hands.

urun detayı easy load
urun detayı intertia technology

Our proprietary refinements to the ultra-reliable Bruno Civolani “floating bolt” action ensure the Inter Arms is able to quickly cycle even the lightest of 12 gauge loads. The Inter Arms’s rotating bolt utilizes our unstoppable Inertia Technology Locking System to ensure positive bolt head lock-up to the breach under all conditions.

urun detayı interprochoke

We engineered the interchangeable InterPro Chokes to maximize the constancy of shot placement through reduced friction that enhances load speeds.

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