If your airgun is not working, make sure that you check the following solutions for your problems before sending your gun for tuning:

  • Always check  your connecting/installation hardware!
  • Our airguns generate a lot of power and recoil, which may loose stock bolts with regular use, ALWAYS make sure that you are looking after your stock bolts after every use to prevent damages!
  • The rear stock bolt is located at the back of the trigger guard.
  • The front stock bolt is located at the front end of the stock and is mounted horizontally with a locking screw to secure it.

I can’t find accuracy!

  • Check your pellets!!!
  • The most necessary point for best result in accuracy is the features in the pellets that you are using, the size, the shape and the weight.
  • Don’t use damaged pellets.
  • Make sure you know holding the airgun properly. Review your skills for better results. Keep practising.
  • Adjust the range of the scope. Neither too close, nor too far. ALWAYS prefer a moderate range.
  • Make sure that your scopes are well adjusted, even a little loose may result in bad accuracy.
  • Only use the scopes which are made just for airguns!

My Airgun will not fire!

  • Use the safety mode properly.
  • Safely remove the pellet from your barrel and check your air pressure. Recharge it and try again.
  • Your gas piston may be empty or had a malfunction. Contact the service department in your country.

My Airgun is loud/smoke comes after fire!

  • Depending on the environment, the conditions, the Airgun may produce smoke until certain shots when it is new. Make sure that you do not place any lubricants in the compression chamber.
  • Some of our models are coming with silencers. Meanwhile some don’t. Make sure that you are using the good quality silencers.
  • Prefer heavy pellets and reduce the power output for silent results.

My Airgun jams when cycling.

  • Make sure you put the magazine cycle as described.
  • NEVER force the magazine too much or fit it wrong as it may cause damage to gun mechanism.
  • Check your breech seal. If it is found missing, then the Groove can catch pellets and cause error.
  • Use the proper pellets inside the cycle.

What is the effective range of my airgun?

The effective range of your airgun depends on 4 specific conditions;

  1. Power plant / Rifle type.
  2. Power output.
  3. Pellet choice / Precision.
  4. Abilities of shooter.

1- Your Rifle’s power plant has an impact on your longer distance shooting ability. There has to get more power and skills to be Professional with traditional plunger driven springers. Dampening technologies as gas piston can help reduce the vibrations coming from firing cycle but you have to consider bi-directional spring back during shooting. PCP rifles have less spring back, as compared to others. Therefore, their design has to be precised.

2- Your gun’s force output will influence its range effect. And your purpose desire will be into this as well. A 12 Ft-Lb playing area target rifle is really desired result  at hitting a 1,5 " target at 55 yards. However, a 55 yard hunting rifle is not much essential. How we obtain the top effective range? It’s about minimum energy, furthest distance with our pellet to go to the target shoot.

3- The airgun efficient range is liable with choice of pellets. First thing , choose the correct pellet and be able to hit always into the same principles. For secure hunting, use precised quality pellets. Please don’t hunt with cheaper pellets.  Ballistics are a good part of efficient range too, some pellet forms are more aerodynamic and provide long range shots. Heavier pellets are more proper but need more energy for longer distances.

4- The skill is the most cardinal thing on your airgun efficient range at least. Make more practice and practice " artillery hold" for shoot with a plunger driven keeping always same principles is the key of how you use the airguns. For consistent hunting, most of shooters trace a limit on 20-30yard and some goes to 50yards with springers, it is related with you and your rifle dance of course. PCP rifles are comparatively different, lack of spring back and the highest power of the rifles allow for 100+ yard precision from even the medium skilled shooters.

How to discover your dominance on your own rifle?

Get a target, draw a circle! its nearly close if you are on quarter, target up to 10 yards - 5 shots at the circle. If all 5 shots are in the circle  you can get 10 yards off the list is an efficient range. Now turn up  the value  5-10 yard back target and repeat again.  You have done your maximum efficient range if you can’t go all the five shoots in the circle , right now you have to test different pellets and precise your technique. You will certainly get more about your airgun efficient range if you do properly practices and learn more specific techniques.