Red Stone Bottomland

Red Stone Bottomland Red Stone Bottomland

General Features

Gauge 12 - 3 inc
Chamber 76 mm
Mechanic Kinetic Drive inertial system semi-automatic rotating bolt
Mechanic 61-66-71-76 cm
Choke 5 InterPro C-IC-M-IM-F
Ribs Size 8 mm
Stock Length 340 mm
Drop at Heel 55±1 mm, 45-50-60 mm adjustable
Drop at Comb 37±1 mm
Weight 2.85± kg
Frame Aluminum Anodized/Cerakote coating
Stock Synthetic
Magazine Capacity 4+1x12/76
Safety Trigger safety
Trigger Guard Special polyurethane microcell
Trigger Trigger safety, Automatic locking system, Anti-repellent system
Sight Fiber optic sight
Epaulet Special polyurethane microcell
urun detayı easy load

The receiver is fitted with a generously sized charging handle and bolt release as well as a beveled loading port with an outward angled cartridge drop lever insuring the Inter is easy to operate even with gloved hands.

Our proprietary refinements to the ultra-reliable Bruno Civolani “floating bolt” action ensure the Inter Arms is able to quickly cycle even the lightest of 12 gauge loads. The Inter Arms’s rotating bolt utilizes our unstoppable Inertia Technology Locking System to ensure positive bolt head lock-up to the breach under all conditions.

product detail intertia technology

We engineered the interchangeable InterPro Chokes to maximize the constancy of shot placement through reduced friction that enhances load speeds.

Service Images
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