The safety rules of airguns for living.

While enjoying your Aselkon airgun ,please keep the following safety notice in mind:

  • Read carefully and comply with all guidelines and warnings specified in the owner's manual .
  • The muzzle needs to always be pointed in a safe direction and free of impediments. Handle all airgun as if loaded.
  • Jumping or climbing anything with airgun at hand is not advisable.
  • Put on eye and hear protection particularly when shooting in an enclosed fields.
  • Only load airgun when you are ready to shoot.
  • Be mindful of safety when you are ready to shoot.
  • Only put finger near or on the trigger when you are prepared to shoot.
  • Be aware of the shooting distance of your airgun.
  • Inspect your target and beyond it to be certain that there is a safe back stop where no person or thing is in danger.
  • Shoot only the right caliber and sort of ammunition assigned to your air rifle.
  • Do not try to practice on hard surfaces or water surface shooting.
  • Often inspect to make sure that the safety of airgun is intact and it is unloaded when retrieving it from storage or receiving it from an other person.
  • Practice proper and frequent maintenance culture.
  • Safe storage of the airgun should be done at all time.

FOR 16 YEARS OF AGE AND ABOVE –Adult air rifles should only be used by people who are 16 years old or beyond. The buyer and user need to abide by all laws regulating the purchase, use and possession of airgun in their jurisdiction. Kindly read all guidelines in the manual prior to use.  

WARNING: Air rifles should not be taken as toys! – Adult guidance is necessary for shooters under 16 years old. Severe injury or death may occur by the  misuse of the device.

 WARNING: Do not exhibit it or show off in public! – It would be amounting to crime if your air rifle perplexed people. Police and others may mistake it for a firearm. Do not alter the coloration and markings to make it look more like a firearm. This is harmful and may be a crime.

IMPORTANT: Protect yourself and those around you from eye injury by regularly wearing shooting glasses. Often treat the air rifle well and transport it as if it were a firearm.

Fire arm Safety

  • Avoid mishandling of your firearm and be aware of the circumstance in which you are doing so.
  • Always handle each airgun as if loaded.
  • Do not let the airgun to target anything you do not desire to destroy.
  • Maintain the airgun on safe mode and do not put finger on the trigger unless you are set to shoot.
  • Be mindful at all times your aim, your environments, and what is beyond your aim.
  • Always transport and store your fire arm unloaded.
  • Often inspect to make sure that your airgun is unloaded when removing it out of storage, receiving or passing it to another person.
  • Keep the barrel clear of obstructions and be aware of the possibility of squibs.
  • Handle and carry the gun in a manner that allows you to maintain control of the muzzle and the direction in which it is pointed.
  • Climbing anything with a loaded gun should be avoided.
  • Do not practice ricochet by avoiding hard surfaces or water surface shooting.
  • Avoid the use of into cants prior to or while using your airgun